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The milieu in which we live is changing at an exponential rate and we
are the first generation to undergo natural selection for these changes

The human milieu began changing dramatically with the Industrial Revolution. En masse, these changes produced longer lifespans and an improved quality of life.

They also resulted in epidemics of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, immune syndromes and neurological disorders.

Today, the human milieu is changing at an exponential rate!

For each of these changes in our environment, we are the first generation to undergo natural selection!

Some of us will adapt well to environmental challenges and some will be selected out of the population!

We can help you minimize employee disease rates and illness-related absenteeism by mitigating the impact of these environmental changes.

You will enjoy high ROI, increased productivity, reduced health care costs, improved competitive position and enhanced employee relations.

Let us help you improve the return on your high value-added workforce!


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